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Terms and Conditions

The Terms of Service for constitute a legal agreement between the customer and the company. On the website, the terms ‘You’ or ‘user’ refer to the user or customer, while ‘We’ or ‘Our’ refer to the company its suppliers, and the licences associated with it. By using, you acknowledge and agree to the terms of web browser surfing and purchasing products from the website. When you agree to the website’s terms of service, you will receive new products, product exchanges, upgrades, support, and other similar services. When you have entered all of your credentials correctly on the website, you will be able to use and receive these services from the company. For a limited time, the subscription fee will not be used to retrieve the paid definitions of the service boxes and will be deducted at regular intervals. The terms and conditions form a square measure that is used in privacy policies. In the computer world, viruses are regarded as a serious problem because they can erase all of your data from your computer and also crash your system, resulting in a decrease in computer performance.

Content refers to the programs, materials, and services, as well as any other information available on the website.

You and We – The word you in the website refers to the user, while we refers to the company. Services refers to a variety of support services, including those relating to computer and phone support and cleaning. Virus diagnostics, virus removal, computer setup, online login protection, email account setup, software installation, and a variety of other services are available. The company reserves the right to change the scope of these services and the terms of use at any time without prior notice to customers. They also have the ability to remove or modify any of the services.

Software – Any program that  uses to provide services is referred to as software.

General – Technical support is available to customers via phone, online chat, and remote desktop sharing. The services are available to subscribers who subscribe to ap-setup support as described on the website. The subscriber grants ap-setup permission to configure his own computers and delete files that are no longer required to run the computer. Ap-setup authorises the modification of the registry of any computer receiving services as needed to provide the services. Additional programs may be required for the smooth operation of services. The Subscriber grants ap-setup permission to install, configure, and use this software system on the Subscriber’s computers.

Access – In order to provide services, ap-setup requires access to a computer or the Internet. To avoid delays or service issues, broadband Internet access is recommended. Subscribers must assist in any way required to diagnose the computer and provide services. Failure to fully cooperate with the executive may result in a breach of the agreement. All instructions and steps taken to provide services must be left to the discretion of the executive at The subscriber must ensure that the service is used. The subscriber is solely responsible for ensuring that his Internet access and access to his comply with all applicable IT and network policies. The subscriber must have administrator rights before receiving the services.

Credit Card Invoices – To receive the best services from, you must provide the service provider with your Mastercard number in order for them to resolve and activate your service. By providing your mastercard number and its details, you authorise to load or suspend any tool associated with it with unpaid service fees. When you provide your card number, you are entitled to make payment without the need for a website, and you agree to accept the charges that the issuer will incur to pay all of these amounts. You also agree to pay if a bill is issued for services or products obtained from the website or other service providers acting as billing agents for the company. You agree to that if you update and change your master card credentials, the old data will no longer be valid and the new data will be used for future payments and services. You agree and understand that will not be held liable for insufficient funds or expenses incurred.

In addition, if there are insufficient funds, the master card services will be terminated and the master card details will be suspended. You have enrolled in the automatic payment and electronic funds transfer order, and you agree that each amount represented here will also be collected in the option of the account domain provided for this automatic payment or money transfer arrangement on the website or via email. When you pay for services or products on the website with a credit card or a debit card, your payment is recorded.