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Netgear EX3700 Setup | AC750

The Netgear EX3700 Setup, you can expand the wireless coverage of your current network with a small, strong Wi-Fi range extender. Its dual-band technology allows it to function on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, which minimizes interference and offers dependable, fast communication. The EX3700 features additional antennas for signal amplification, guaranteeing a wider coverage area and enhanced functionality in challenging-to-reach locations. Its easy-to-install wall-plug design frees up extra room without requiring much effort.

Netgear EX3700 Setup

Netgear Ex3700 extender Setup via manual method

  • Place the Netgear EX3700 WiFi range extender close to your current WiFi router by plugging it into a functional wall socket.
  • Find the Netgear AC750 extender’s WPS button.
  • Next, press and hold your Netgear EX3700 extender’s WPS button.
  • Let it go.
  • Press the WPS button on your current WiFi router after a few minutes. Your Netgear EX3700 AC750 extender will light up the 2.4 GHz (Gigahertz) Link Rate LED and turn solid green when the WPS LED activates.
  • Note: To connect your Netgear EX3700 AC750 extender to the 5 GHz band, just repeat steps 1 and 2 if your primary WiFi router supports the 5 GHz band.
  • Move your Netgear WiFi extender to a new location and join the WiFi network of the Netgear extender with your WiFi-capable devices.
  • That’s how the WPS technique of Netgear EX3700 setup is finished.
netgear ex3700 setup via manual metho

Netgear Ex3700 setup using wps button

wps setup for netgear ex3700 extender

A very short step setup guide for the Netgear EX3700 WiFi extender can be found here:

  • Connect a power outlet to the Netgear EX3700.
  • Link your device to the “NETGEAR_EXT” network using Wi-Fi.
  • On your device, open a web browser.
  • In the address bar, type “”.
  • To expand your current Wi-Fi network, log in using the default credentials (or according to your configuration) and follow the setup tutorial.

Don’t forget to consult the handbook for your particular model for any changes or further information

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Netgear wifi extender Ex3700 setup | AC750

  • The Netgear WiFi extender EX3700 (AC750) takes only a few easy steps to set up. This is a quick reference:
  • Connect the Netgear EX3700 to an electrical socket.
  • Link to the Extender:
  • Make sure your device is Wi-Fi enabled and join the “NETGEAR_EXT” network.
  • Open a web browser on the device that’s connected.
  • Go to the Setup Page.
  • Type “” or “” into the address box and hit Enter.
  • Put in your login information. Usually, the default is:
  • Login as admin
  • Login: password
  • To choose and expand your current Wi-Fi network, adhere to the instructions displayed on the screen. Finish the setup procedure.

Firmware update for Netgear Ex3700 wifi range extender

  • Firstly, make sure your Netgear AC750 EX3700 WiFi extender is turned on.
  • Link the extender to your router.
  • After that, launch the web browser of your choice.
  • In the address bar, type and hit the enter key.
  • Enter your password and login to access your extender.
  • Click the Firmware Upgrade option in the settings menu.
  • Click the Check button after that.
  • To upgrade the firmware, click the “yes” option if a new version is available.
  • Now give the Netgear EX3700 firmware some time to properly update.
  • That is all! The firmware on your extension has been updated. Do not hesitate to get in touch with the professional if you need assistance.
Netgear wifi extender Ex3700 setup

How do i reset Netgear EX3700?

how do i reset netgear wifi extender
  • On the side or bottom of the extender, look for the reset button. Usually, it’s a little button that needs to be pressed with a paperclip or other instrument.
  • Make sure the extender is powered on and plugged in.
  • Hold down and press the reset button.
  • For roughly five to ten seconds, press and hold the reset button with a paperclip or other comparable instrument. Given that the button tends to be recessed, you might need to apply some force.
  • Release the reset button after holding it for the allotted amount of time.
  • Give the Extender Some Time to reset: Give the extender some time to reset. The rebooting process ought to be visible on the Power LED.
  • Organise the Extender Again:

The extender has to be configured after it has rebooted. Link up with the